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Waste Acceptance Guidelines

GRR Aerosols handles more kinds of aerosols than anyone. We accept nearly all types of hazardous and non-hazardous aerosol containers and will evaluate every request. Whether full truckloads or LTL’s, GRR Aerosols serves customers nationwide.

UNACCEPTABLE MATERIALS: PCBs, medical inhalers, adhesives and sealants >4% per load, silicone gasket-making products, expanding foam insulation products, paint strippers >2% per load, undercoating and rubberizing products >2% per load, D002 corrosives, D003 reactive, pepper spray, plastic or glass aerosols and containers, aerosols pressurized with CFC propellants.

HFCs: Aerosols pressurized with 152a are acceptable if segregated and profiled separately. Aerosols pressurized with 134a may be acceptable if segregated, profiled separately, and approved by GRR Aerosols’ Environmental Compliance Department.


Giant Resource Recovery is a STAR in providing environmental solutions for our nation’s waste problems by producing fuel from waste materials. GRR is a pioneer in developing patented methods for recycling waste materials.

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