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GRR - Sumter, Inc

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  • Services and Capabilities
  • Fuels Blending - Hazardous, non-hazardous; liquids, sludges, solids; bulk, drums, cubic-yard boxes, roll-offs, tote tanks, supersacks
  • Non-Hazardous Solid Waste - Processing for landfill and waste-to-energy
  • Non-Hazardous Water - Treatment and discharge to POTW or stabilization and landfill
  • Hazardous Water - Collection and bulking
  • Industrial Oil - Fuels blending or processing for resale
  • Special Wastes - Processing of high temperature wastes and wastes requiring special handling that others may refuse because of potential difficulties
  • Waste Bulking - Collection and processing of solid wastes to be sent to GRR and incinerators for thermal destruction


Giant Resource Recovery is a STAR in providing environmental solutions for our nation’s waste problems by producing fuel from waste materials. GRR is a pioneer in developing patented methods for recycling waste materials.

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