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GRR - Sumter, Inc

Phone: (803) 773-1400 x (877) 473-6664 Fax: (803) 778-8107

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Giant Resource Recovery - Sumter, Inc

P.O Box 1755

755 Industrial Road, Sumter, SC 29151

Phone:(803) 773-1400x (877) 473-6664 Fax:(803) 778-8107

Permit Status: EPA ID No. SCD036275626 RCRA Part B Permit for storage - Originally issued 1/28/1987; expires 7/1/2021

Solid Waste Processing Permit No. 432675-2001 - Issued 7/7/1999; no expiration

Air Quality Operating Permit No. 2140-0038 - Issued 9/23/2005; expires 5/31/2022

NPDES Stormwater Permit No. SCR000000 - Issued 7/22/2004; expires 9/30/2021

Permitted Capacity:

Container Storage - 1,578 drums hazardous 2,510 drums non-hazardous

Bulk Storage and Treatment Tanks - 496,810 gallons hazardous 256,500 gallons non-hazardous

GRR-Sumter is the largest fuel blending facility on the East Coast. It is located one mile south of Sumter, SC, and only 56 miles from its sister facility, Giant Cement in Harleyville, SC, where blended waste fuel is burned in the manufacture of cement. GRR-Sumter processes various liquids, solids, and sludges in bulk, drums, and other containers. In addition to fuel blending, GRR offers a number of services as described under Services and Capabilities.


To obtain approval for a new waste stream, please submit the following prior to shipment along with any available analytical data, SDSs, and Product Record Sheets to substantiate and clarify accuracy and facilitate quick approval.


Giant Resource Recovery is a STAR in providing environmental solutions for our nation’s waste problems by producing fuel from waste materials. GRR is a pioneer in developing patented methods for recycling waste materials.

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