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Giant Resource Recovery - Harleyville, Inc.

Phone: (800) 786-0477, (803) 496-2200, Fax : (803) 306-6808

Permit Status: EPA ID No. SCD003351699

RCRA Part B Permit for treatment and storage – Originally issued 10/30/1992; expired 5/25/2015; timely renewal application submitted 11/2014; shield granted 1/15/2015

Title V Operating Permit No. TV-0900-0002 which includes all applicableMACT requirements – Issued 2/11/2003; expired 3/31/2008; timely renewal application submitted 3/2007; shield granted 8/8/2007

NPDES Permit No. SC0022667 – Issued 1/5/2004; expires 9/30/2021

Permitted Storage Capacity:Liquids – 290,000 gallons Solids – 2,000 cubic yards

GRR-Harleyville processes both solid and liquid hazardous and non-hazardous materials into waste-derived fuel. The fuel is then burned by Giant Cement on the adjacent property in the production of cement. Giant is also able to direct-feed certain liquid waste fuels from a tanker to the kiln.

GRR-Harleyville has the distinction of being the most successful cement kiln in recycling alternate fuels since the program started under BIF in 1992. It is one of only two cement plants in the US that is permitted to store and utilize bulk solid hazardous waste fuels. In 2005, the facility completed a two-year, $130 million expansion which furthered its ability to efficiently and effectively handle these materials.