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GRR - Attalla

Phone: (800) 637-4023, Fax: (256) 538-1836

Permit Status: EPA ID No. ALD070513767

RCRA Part B Permit for treatment and storage – Originally issued 10/2/1995; expires 8/28/2027

Air Permit Nos. 307-0019-X002 through 307-0019-X011 – Issued 2/1/2006; no expiration

NPDES Permit No. AL0054542 – Issued 4/1/2008; expires 5/31/2023

Permitted Capacity:

Container Storage – 2,112 55-gallon drums (or equivalent)

Bulk Storage and Treatment Tanks – 160,000 gallons

Process Treatment Tank – 1 unit

Total Storage and Treatment Tank Capacity – 344,000 gallons

GRR-Attalla processes wastes for final disposal, primarily to be burned as fuel. The facility manages hazardous and non-hazardous materials including liquids, sludges, and solids in bulk and in containers. GRR-Attalla provides the essential link for many wastes that are not suitable for shipment directly to resource recovery kilns. Blended fuels are shipped by rail and tanker truck to RCRA-permitted/interim status industrial furnaces such as cement kilns. Any non-blendable hazardous solids are shipped to other permitted facilities for final disposal. Non-hazardous solids are bulked and sent to permitted landfills.