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Permit Status: EPA ID No. ALD070513767

RCRA Part B Permit for treatment and storage – Issued 10/2/1995; expires 8/28/2027

Air Permit Nos. 307-0019-X002 through 307-0019-X011– Issued 2/1/2006; no expiration

NPDES Permit No. AL0054542 – Issued 4/1/2008; expires 5/31/2023

Permitted Capacity – Compactor Storage Area: Equivalent of 1,590 55-gallon drums or 318 275-gallon totes (Maximum capacity: 87,450 gallons)

GRR Aerosols, a Division of GRR-Attalla, Inc., offers the only system that disposes of waste aerosols by recycling 100% of the components. Our unique waste management process minimizes the risks, burdens, and liabilities associated with the disposal of aerosols in keeping with the positive, green image our customers desire. We recycle hazardous and non-hazardous, empty and non-empty aerosol waste in full compliance with all applicable RCRA, EPA, and state regulations.

GRR Aerosols’ patented processor safely crushes metal aerosol containers and separates the liquid concentrates from the propellants. The liquids are recycled into waste fuel which is burned in the production of cement. The propellants are primarily burned as fuel in the on-site operation that prepares drums for reconditioning. Closing the loop, the spray cans are reused in recycled metal products.

According to the Consumer Aerosol Products Council (CAPCO), a respected non-profit organization that provides factual information about aerosol products, steel aerosol cans are made from an average of 25% recycled materials. CAPCO recognizes GRR Aerosols as a company that enhances the environmental advantages of aerosol packaging through recycling. With a focus on sustainable packaging and practices and environmental sensitivity, GRR is a leader in aerosol safety and compliance.